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Adult Life coaching

Life Coaching: provides coaching assistance to individuals with deficiencies in areas of their life.


- Dating/Relationships

- Priorities

- Career

- Purpose

- Health and Fitness

- Educational

- Motivation

Expecting Couple
Fairground Stall

Youth Life coaching

Tutoring Services

provide tutoring to youth ages 6-19 in primary school education. Math,

English, History, Reading, and Science.

Teen Parenting Classes 

offered to teenage parents and expecting parents. The class teaches basic child development and preventive health education. Classes are offered once a week for 1-2 hours.

- Promote positive parenting

- Introduce abstinence education

- Provide a support group for these teen parents

- Prevent further teen pregnancies

- Safe Sleep Training

- Healthy Eating

Mental Health Training

Provide classes for people wishing to learn more about certain mental health

diagnosis, and effective coping strategies.


Across the state of Georgia and Alabama Residential Facilities are understaffed and/or undertrained. This lack dramatically decreases the effectiveness of the services these facilities can provide to their residents and at times place your staff and/or in compromising situations. Staff members are experiencing “burnout” at alarming rates leaving clients in even more harmful situations where there aren’t adequate staff to manage their needs.


Below are courses I have prepared to provide to Residential Facilities to remedy the problem of staff being under trained. I can provide these course solely online or in person. In-person includes a $70 per hour charge.

All of the courses are accredited through the International Association of Therapist. The three courses listed in the certification section will allow your staff to gain Certifications in the courses; I will teach them how to be a “Paraprofessional, Life Coach, or REBT Practitioner”.


The option to have a training created that is not listed is also available by request.


Online courses

$60 per course | 2h

Diversity engagement training

Coming Soon!

crisis intervention

Coming Soon!

group management & Supervision

Coming Soon!

Consequences for your children

Coming Soon!

mental illness in youth

positive & effective interactions

Coming Soon!

providing youth therapeutic activities

Coming Soon!

Therapeutic interviewing techniques

Coming Soon!


certification Courses

$380 per course

plus additional rate of $70 per hour


Offers Certification as a Practitioner:

REBT, Strategic Life Coaching, Paraprofessional

Rational emotive behavior therapy practitioner


Strategic life coaching practitioner


mental health paraprofessional


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